Booklight Litepaper — Reading in Web3

The Future of Reading is Social, Creator-first, Gamified & Built with Web3

Booklight is a reading app designed to connect readers and authors in the web3 world. With read-to-earn social & gaming mechanics, and nft-empowered SmartBooks, Booklight will change how people buy and read books.

Readers are rewarded with BLT tokens for reading and in-app activities. Readers use these tokens to upgrade their bookshelves, join bookclubs, connect with authors & other readers, and more. Traditional ebooks can be used with Booklight, or the reader can take full advantage of exclusive author bookclubs by purchasing SmartBooks.

Authors can create SmartBook versions of their existing or new books. SmartBooks are NFT-enables and allow secondary sales and royalties for the author on all secondary sales. SmartBooks also bring unique gameplay and stat-tracking functionality.

Our goal at Booklight is to create a fun & compelling reading platform that allows millions of new-to-web3 users to engage with their favourite authors, be excited to participate in the gamified reading, and connect with other readers on a single platform.

Booklight will change how people buy, read, and share books.

How the Booklight App Works

Starting with Booklight is simple: create an account, purchase an NFT bookshelf, import or buy a book and begin reading! The NFT bookshelf is what enables the read-to-earn mechanic for ANY book — not only SmartBooks.

Users can upgrade their bookshelves in a variety of ways by spending BLT tokens. Upgraded bookshelves may be optimized for earning, trivia mode, or gaining mystery boxes! Booklight uses our extensive background in game design to tap into the addictive loops of earning & rewards.

The BLT token will be used in many places within app. This will reduce selling pressure and encourage users to continually improve their in-app assets.

A Social Space

Readers are a social group. Wherever they go, communities form. Whether it is #bookstagram, BookTube, GoodReads, TikTok, or #ReadersofTwitter, there is a shared desire to connect over the books they love.

Booklight aims to deliver a uniquely reader-centric social experience. Taking the best parts of existing social platforms like book lists, “shelfies” and reading goals, and combining them with web3-enabled gathering spaces. Booklight makes it possible for readers to be in an exclusive bookclub with their favourite author through NFT SmartBooks.

SmartBooks — Better for Authors is Better for Readers

Booklight is giving control back to authors. Aside from the ability to sell traditional ebooks in the Booklight marketplace, authors will be enabled to create SmartBooks — unlocking the full potential of NFT books.

The BLT Token

The BLT token has a limited supply of 5,000,000,000 and is a governance token with many in-app use cases. Users need to spend BLT in order to upgrade their bookshelves, start bookclubs, create trivia for books, and more.

Users will also be able to stake BLT in order to participate in the governance of Booklight.

Booklight’s Vision

We believe that Booklight will fundamentally change how books are read, sold, and talked about. The traditional ebook market is outdated. Authors deserve more than 30% of their book’s revenues and readers should be able to own the books they purchase. Authors and readers deserve an upgrade and SmartBooks is the solution.

We recognize that for authors to buy-in to a new type of technology, there needs to be a large user base. Booklight’s gamified and read to earn mechanics provide daily users that authors will be able to build relationships with.

Booklight will be the gathering place for readers and authors in the web3 world. With its ease of access, millions of readers will become new web3 consumers and experience the innovation while being able to read their favourite books.

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Booklight is the new gathering place for readers and authors in the web3 world.

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Booklight is the new gathering place for readers and authors in the web3 world.

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